Members, introduce yourselves!

If you are a new or old member to the board, introduce yourself and say hi to everybody!


  • Glad to see this place is still around. I remember when you first opened this forum on that Invision power board, good memories.

  • Hi, man. Welcome and happy new year. Was your username the same back in the day?

    Very cool that you were there in the beginning. That was quite a while ago. The board has gone through several iterations, this one being the latest. The previous board ended up being a sad mess of spam and hacks. When the database crashed a little over a year ago, it made the most sense to just start over.

    This new forum software is more modern and much better at fighting off spam and hacks. It's currently at the most basic version, so I'll continue to improve functionality over time, especially if old members keep coming back and new ones join.

    Good to have you on board!

  • I'm liking the new forum software, have you made a facebook group yet? I think a lot of people will come. If you have a banner I can feature it on my website.

  • I haven't, but that's a good idea. I'll set it up when I have some time.

  • Hopefully some of the old regulars will re-emerge from the aether lol.

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