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Basic recently played thread. Title drop & describe how good/bad the games are in words/grade.

Rainbow Six Vegas - 7/10

Dragon's Crown - 7/10

Dead Space 2 - 8/10

Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain - 8/10


  • I recently had the opportunity to play Goldeneye once again on an old N64. I regret it immensely. My memory of Goldeneye was pure nostalgic gold. However, it's my fault as it should have really occurred to me how much time has passed and technology has develped since the mid 90s lol.

  • Hmmm, should we start a grand bullshit thread again lol? It had reached epic proportions.

  • Good point to be fair. Doom & Duke 3D hold up a little steadier. Have you also tried Perfect Dark N64?

    Just learned that "A fan remake powered by unreal engine titled GoldenEye 25, was in development and originally scheduled for a 2022 release in honour of the game's 25th anniversary, but the project was ultimately cancelled in 2020"

  • I haven't tried Perfect Dark N64 since I played it on the old console back in the day. I remember loving it though, such a crazy storyline. I used to pick Elvis the alien as my character for the multiplayer lol. Have you played it since yourself?

    Any idea why the fan remake was cancelled? Was it due to concerns over copywrite issues?

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    I recall PD coming out late in N64's life, but i had flogged mine by that point. Game consoles came and left so fast throughout that era. I played it several years ago when I bought an N64 from ebay. I had to go purchase N64 memory expansion in order to simply play it lol. I enjoyed PD for the most part, but some missions were a slog and i didn't have a spare controller to try the multiplayer, so I don't have much to comment about it. Anyway, I'm pressed for time. I'll make a proper reply to you on BS thread some other day. I sent you a couple of emails few weeks ago, one regarding Goldeneye, which possibly landed in your spam folder?

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