Welcome to the new SegaForums

SegaForums is back.

After a catastrophic crash in December last year, the forum went down. Sadly, all content has been irreversibly destroyed. Our host wasn't helpful at all, which is why we have moved to FastComet. They have been awesome in helping us to get set up.

So, we're starting from scratch. Yes, it hurts to lose all the content and userbase. On the other hand, a fresh start is a good thing. The software that we used was horribly outdated and barely supported, and the board was regularly bombarded by spam bots. This new edition runs on Vanilla, which is built for the current era.

The forum is completely basic at this point, and it will get developed over time. This thread will serve as a blog/discussion as we build up the new forum. Please share all your ideas and comments, so we can build this thing back up together.

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