Evangelion, F/SN, and Vocaloid cameo equipment exist in Phantasy Star Portable 2

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    Wow, I hadn't visited the official PSP2 (Phantasy Star Portabe 2) website in a few months. but I took the oppurtunity to do so today. And much to my shock they had added a page about cameo equipment that exists in the game back on October 16th! And just what kind of cameo equipment you may ask, well this kind!

    Saber and Archer's costumes and weapons from Fate/Stay Night:
    [img=265x155]http://www.segaforums.com/psoarchive/psp2/archer.jpg[/img] [img=265x155]http://www.segaforums.com/psoarchive/psp2/saber.jpg[/img]

    Auska and Rei's Plug Suit Costumes from the rebooted Evangelion movies as well as the Lance of Longinus:
    [img=265x155]http://www.segaforums.com/psoarchive/psp2/auska.jpg[/img] [img=265x155]http://www.segaforums.com/psoarchive/psp2/rei.jpg[/img]

    Costumes and vegetable weapon from Vocaloid:
    [img=265x155]http://www.segaforums.com/psoarchive/psp2/vocaloid_1.jpg[/img] [img=265x155]http://www.segaforums.com/psoarchive/psp2/vocaloid_2.jpg[/img]

    Honestly the Evangelion comeo's weren't as shocking as the other two. Wouldn't have dreamed Sega/Sonic Team would associate the PSU franchise with characters from an adult only game title... even if it is an incredibly awesome game. Vocaloid I'm not at all familiar with, apparently a current running sci-fi anime series in Japan about a pop-star?

    Also making cameo appearances in PSP2. Fanta Soda, the official drink of PSP2, eww. And, replacing the generic pizza shop, Pizza Hut, now that's some delivery service there.

    Source of pictures and info:

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