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    Hi all, this is an announcement for anyone who is a fan of Shenmue on the Dreamcast. First4Figures, a collectible polystone statue maker based in the UK, and who recently opened a Sega All-Stars line of statues including Ryo Hazuki and Lan Di, has just opened a poll on their Facebook Collector's Club page to gauge interest in a statue of the iconic Shenhua Ling, the mysterious girl that Ryo meets in his journey to China deeply connected to his father's past and who lives next to the titular Shenmue tree of the franchise:

    The poll, however, is doing very poorly, as many of the newer club members who joined the club for the new Dark Souls and Zelda lines are voting "No". Please help Shenhua's numbers go up so her statue can become a reality!

    F4F statues are made of handsome and hefty polystone, hand-assembled and hand-painted. These are one of a kind statues that, once the pre-order window closes, will never be made again to ensure their rarity. They are also officially licensed collectibles, making them legitimate merchandise that directly support the original franchise owners/creators.

    In order to vote in the poll, first visit the F4F Facebook Official Collector's Club here and click the "Join" button in the bottom right of the header banner, your request to join the Facebook group will be received and approved by an admin (usually takes less than 10 minutes, and joining is free). Then head to the poll here and vote "Yes" for Shenhua.

    If you're interested, here are links to see the incredible statues First4Figures has already made of Ryo Hazuki here and series villain Lan Di here.

    Even if you aren't interested in purchasing this high-end collectible, please consider voting to support other Shenmue fans, the Shenmue series and the Sega line of collectibles. If you know ANYONE who would be interested in this poll, please let them know and help spread the word! Thank you all very much!

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