Work Encounters of the Third kind

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This is a story of something that happened at my place of work today. Enjoy!<br /><br /><br />There's new guy (kid really) at work who is unbelievably gullible. The sales manager has nicknamed him "Nugget", which was the call sign given to rookie pilots in Sci-Fi channels Battlestar Galactica series.<br /><br />Nugget walked in on a conversation I was having with a customer in the customer returns room/department today. We were discussing classic computers and he, the customer, had just mentioned having owned a C64 back in the day. Nugget out of the blue interupts our conversation and says something along the lines of: "Oh, my dad just showed me his C64 this weekend. It's in the bottom of his closet, that things an antique!".<br /><br />The customer, who is a middle aged fellow looks absolutely mortified as if someone just informed him that he was horribly old and going to die soon and I'm thinking how rude it was of Nugget to interrupt someone, least of all a customer, when he was talking. So then I recalled the boxed C64 in the back of the store and spoke up saying: "You know we have a C64 in the back of the store right?".<br />Nugget: <suprised look> "Why do we have a C64 here?"<br />me: <irratated> "Because it's the backup to the store server."<br />Nugget: <shocked and wide eyed> "OH MY GOD! So that's why Business Works (a terminal software suite) runs so slow. We have a C64 Server."<br />me: <puzzled at the conclusion he jumped to> "Uh, yeah, that's right, all the business applications are running off of a C64... server."<br />nugget: <walks out mumbling about needing to upgrade><br />me: <slams door behind him> <br />I looked over at the customer, the customer was just standing there, mouth gaped open and staring at the now shut door. After a brief moment he turns his head, looks right at me.<br />customer: "That stupid kid believed you."<br />I looked right back at him, the shock setting in that he was right. Next thing I know we both busted out laughing.  :rofl:<br /><br /><br />later in the day, a manager had called Nugget to the room adjacecent to the backoom where my desk is. I saw that the manager who had summoned him had been delayed by another manager, so I took advantage of his aloneness to poke my head in and proudly display to him the boxed C64 from the back room. He just sat there deadpanned, shook his head, and says "I just don't understand, we sell computers better than that. I'm goign to talk to the store manager about this tomorrow. I've got an old computer at thome we could use that would be better.". As I turn to leave the room, who should I see, but the manager who had summoned him back there is standing right behind me giving me this very inquisitve "what's going on here" sort of look as his eyes darting from Nugget to the C64 in my hand and back to Nugget. Not a word was spoken and I continued on my way back to my desk.   :roll:


  • Hahaha. That's great. What a tard.
  • If you can make intelligible sense out of this gibberish, then you probably wrote it:<br />"The ChannelLine Advisory Council is trying to create OZ: a Paradigm Shift that allows VARs to do the jobs they do best, provides education, creates the rules of engagement and provides the tools that facilitate the change."<br /><br />Scott Adams (Dilbert cartoonist) wrote a book on business management, The Dilbert Princibal. It's a really good read if you happen to find a copy. Seem to recall him saying in that book that using the word "paradigm" in any sort of company memo was a sure fire way to get yourself a promotion. Guess that means the sender of the e-mail that excerpt is from is out for a promotion.
  • Oh wow! I'd forgotten about this topic existing! The "Nugget" quit his job before the close of 2009. I'll post an update regarding the insanity that is him sometime soon.
  • This is great.
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