Sega CD buzzing sound?

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Got my power cord for the Sega CD  (Model I) today. Hooked up my Genesis to it (model II), and the Sega CD tray wont close, makes a buzzing sound. Anyone might know what this is? (besides that its old!) It powers on and the Sega Menu comes on the screen


  • I'm pretty sure you shouldn't mix and match the cables for different models.
  • Sorry for the confuision, i have another Genesis (Model II) that i hooked up to this Sega CD. I know that there are two AC adaptors, one with a black tip and one with a yellow tip.
  • Buzzing sound? I've never taken a model one apart, but I do know that most CD players of that era had belt driven drive trays. The buzzing is likely the belt drive motor freely spinning because the rubber band (aka belt) has worn out. That or a gear haseither broken or become dislodged, which is still a likely case of the motor freely spinning.
  • Well i took it apart to see what was inside, and eveything looked "normal", but then again i didnt know what  i was looking for. There was no belt, just a series of gears.
  • If you didn't see a belt, that was probably the problem.
  • It opened up (the tray), so i was able to put a disc in. After it closed was the sound.  The system was also not reading the discs. <br />Perhaps something with the spindle motor?<br /><br />To add, i sold this on ebay, so i dont have it anymore.
  • Good thread! :groovin: :groovin: :groovin: :groovin: :groovin: :groovin:
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