Phantasy Star Nova - Trial Version Footage!

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Oh yes, now this is amazing stuff. Someone posted gameplay footage of the Phantasy Star Nova (trial edition) game being played, and it looks great! Now just got to hope this Vita exclusive title, which isn't slated for release in Japan until March 2015.<br /><br />To skip right to the good stuff go to about 45 seconds on this video:<br />


  • Looks interesting Tweeg.  Did they ever release PSO 2 in the US? They didn't the EU unfortunately<br /><br />
  • No, not yet, but Sega of America did out of the blue release a statement earlier this month that it is still going to be released here at least sometime in the near future, which seemed to be implying next year. I guess we'll leanr more about that by E3 next year.<br /><br />As for this game. Phantasy Star Nova releases in Japan on November 27th!
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