Happy 15th Birthday and 14th Anniversary Dreamcast! 9/9/1998/9 - 9/9/2013

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:hyper:<br />Fifteen years ago today Sega birthed the Dreamcast in Japan. Fourteen years ago today Sega launched the system in the U.S.A. and D.o.C. (in other words North America).<br /><br />For this year as tribute I've uploaded some obscure Dreamcast game trailers. Happy birthday DC!<br /><br />Dreamcast - Summer Games: Complete Trailers Video<br /><br />Dreamcast - Trailer - Mysterious Thief / Kaitou Apricot - 怪盗アプリコット<br /><br />Dreamcast - Trailer - for Symphony ~with all one's heart~


  • So while packaging up stuff to send out today at work I had an idea and comitted this act of fandom to the bottom of the four outbound boxes, two of which are shown here.<br /><br />992013.JPG
  • 15 years eh.  I think the first game I ever played on it was Ready to Rumble.  But it was Quake 3: Arena that was my first ever online gaming experience. It worked quite well for a 32k modem.
  • Yeah, it's amazing what developers can actually do with a limited bandwidth when they actually put some thought itno the communications end of the programming. All of the PAL territory released DC's (to my understanding) and even the initial release of DC's in Japan only had those 32kbps dial-up modems included. It was phenomenal just how smoothly the games played online.... at least when everyone's ISP's were behaving, lol!<br /><br />Just for the record, I got the JP system launch date wrong. It wasn't released for purchase until November '98. Still, the system does turn fifteen very soon. Can't believe I've had the wrong date of JP launch recoarded all these years, rather embarrassing.<br /><br />Can't recall what title I actually got to play on the demo systems at local retailers prior to purchase. Seems like it was either Sonic Adventure or Crazy Taxi. And the first game ever got to play online with it was Unreal Tournament.
  • Wowzers! It's been that long?! Starting to feel like an oldie (but goodie)  :musik02:<br />I've played Quake 3: Arena too but not online mode. Good to hear Sega pioneered the net revolution. I've actually began playing Jet Set Radio again but on PSN. It's a fun game but for once I feel the Dreamcast controller is best suited for that title. The PS3 analog sticks are to clunky and mess up my movement. Dunno if others feel the same, maybe its me, but Dreamcast was a swell system and still is!<br />For those Dreamcast enthusiasts still playing, I consider looking up Gunlord (2012 release) for a side scrolling Contra/Metroid style good time.  :banana:
  • The Dreamcast actually came out on November 28, 1998 in Japan. <br /><br /> Anyway, happy belated anniversary. timeless console, honestly (or maybe im just a nerd)
  • Yeah, I had logged the launch date for JP as having been 9/9/98 many many many years ago and had never caught on that it was incorrect. You and about a dozen others have corrected me on this numerous times on various message boards.
  • Seems a long time ago.
  • Pretty awesome. So many good memories from that thing.
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