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[size=12pt]Just dying to share your thoughts on that 3DS game you've spent some time with recently? Good news, now you can![/size]   :banana:<br /><br />
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<br /><br />Shinobi <br />Has great styling to the art and character design. It features traditional Japanese music which is very appropriate to the the whole period ninja theme of the story. And it has, at least one, horse ride level which is simply fantastic to behold in 3D. You needn't be familiar with any previous Shinobi titles to jump right into this one, it has a story all its' own. Having played the Game Gear Shinobi titles, this was a welcomed iaddition to the portable Shinobi lineage and has brought a lot of style and excellent new moves along with it. <br /><br />The Legend of Zelda: 25th Anniversay: 4 Swords Adventure<br />This game came pre-loaded on my Zelda Edition 3DS. If you've never played the original Game Cube release of this game, think fast paced classic Zelda... but competitive multi-player. Everyone plays as a different color Link and while the goal is ultimately to co-operatively complete the levels/dungeons your at the same time competing against the other Links to see who can collect the most rupees (currency of Hyrule). The competitive part really detracts from the co-operative elements of this game. I played the original, Game Cube version, with two friends just last year and one friend was consistantly coming in last place and he pretty much got fed up with it after about an hour. I got to play this version multi-player last weekend with my oldest nephew and discovered again that the competitive element really does ditract part of the fun element from this game. On the one hand you must work together to make it through areas and beat the bosses, but on the other hand your struggling with abandonning your fellow player(s) for the sake of side-tracking to collect rupees so as to try and beat them for the end dungeon rupee count.<br /><br />Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars<br />This was the very first 3DS game I ever bought. Picked it up last year from some kid who was only selling it for $3. Having now played it, his price point seems to have been spot on. Traditional overhead-view turn-based strategy game set in the present. Discovered rather quickly this game is best played with the 3D turned off. Was one of the early release titles on the system and the 3D here is more of a gimmick they implemented just because Nintendo required it to have some 3D, I'd go so far as to say it's more like 2.5D with the 3D functionality turned on. As far as the game goes, it's a turn-based strategy game where you command individual charaters, all of whom seem to play a role in the overall storyline that unfolds as the game goes on. Safe to say that this game only holds appeal to Tom Clancy novel fans and/or turn-based strategy fans, all others needn't apply.
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