Got 3DS?

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Acquired a Nintendo 3DS last week and thought to myself, wonder if any other SegaForums members own one of these suped up DS successors yet? Got 3DS?


  • Negative ghostrider  -_-<br /><br />I've tried it at the store and no matter how I held it, the 3D effect looked blurry and wonky.  :yearight:<br />There is a side switch to adjust how much 3D effect can be used but it was pretty "meh"  :musik02:<br /><br />Maybe the 3DS XL would be more ideal for 3D but dunno...  :P<br />Possibly the only convert that would make me want to get one is the "sequel" to Zelda: A Link To The Past  :banana:
  • Yep I've got one. Pretty good games. Really looking forward to Animal Crossing.
  • So just the two of us in the whole of SF... for the time. <br /><br />Well I'll admit the 3D can start to mess with my eyes after a not so long play time, but it does look truly fantastic. I've been playing Shinobi (3DS version obviously) and it's quite fantastic.<br /><br />Picked up a couple more games for the system in the last few days. Will post a bit about them once time allows oppurtunity to play them a bit.<br /><br />For now, starting a new topic for us to share our opinions on the 3DS games we've player... or will play... or might not ever play pending the shared opinions we each give our reviews. How exciting!  :D
  • I've played with one in the store, and it made my eyes hurt after ten minutes. While 3D is a cool gimmick, it's not for me.
  • Out of all the games I've got Ocarina of Time was the most enjoyable to have the 3d turned on. It really allowed me to get emersed into the game & everything looked so crisp & fresh. Mario Kart 7 is also really good. The online is very reliable & fun but I would have like more of the classic track to have been included. I would also have to agree with what you're all saying about the 3d screwing with your eyes. It happens to me too haha.
  • Tried out The Hidden a couple of nights ago. I can see potential for the future of the "augmented reality" genre in it, but this game itself is a bit difficult to play.
  • played with it a number of times and it's probably a good console overall. would have loved to have gotten one years ago
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