Anyone running Windows 8 yet?

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If you do, how do you like it?<br /><br />I'm still on Windows 7 and I'm very happy with it. I've played around with 8 and it's cool, but it's quite the radical change.


  • Radical change? Hahahahaha, that's a mild understatement! It's like a Windows for people who never care about being able to do anything other than surf the internet. Made it difficult to even find the settings, let alone ever change them. I gave up on it after discovering I couldn't figure out how to escape from the image viewer. It's installed on this computer as a secondary OS, but I honestly hate it. Can see where it would be an interesting to use OS if you actually had a touch screen, but seeing as I don't own a touch screen eight can wait.<br /><br />I even have an issue with Windows 7, but it's minor in the grander scope of things. Can not stand the downgraded version of MS Paint, hoping that what ever posessed Microsoft to remove features and then dare call it an upgrade isn't contagious. A co-worker and I actually spent ten minutes yesterday morning trying to figure out how to use paint to do a simple image modification and ten minutes later concluded the feature we wanted to use simply did not exist in the new version of paint, which is terrible because we not only use MS Paint at work forr a lot of imaging purposes, I use it here at home as my default image editor. Was a really bad move on Microsoft's part to do away with the simple to use interface and replace it with something so incredibly featureless that it's unapparentl how to even do stuff.
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