Ouya VS Shield: The Android Wars

Ouya<br />New Android based console<br />http://kotaku.com/ouya/<br />+ Backed by KickStarter pre-orders and select committed developers.<br />+ Right price point $99<br />+ Easily modifiable<br /><br />The Shield<br />New hand-held based Android console<br />http://kotaku.com/shield/<br />+ PC game streaming to hand-held device so think of Assassins Creed for PC now hand-held<br />+ Tegra 4 mobile chip makes it more powerful than Ouya<br />+ 5-inch, 1280x720 HD 294 dpi retinal multitouch display<br /><br />Both are somewhat different type of devices catering for different accommodations. One developed by a new group and backed on KickStarter, the other developed by Nvidia. I doubt ppl will be wiling to spend on both for Android gaming in which they could already do on their tablet or high end smart phone. Both will have their own exclusive games but how good will yet be determined.<br /><br />Do you think they're wasting their time & money or are they on to something? Would you be tempted to get one? This will be an interesting new frontier of gaming.<br />


  • I'm not so sure. <br /><br />I could see a handheld/phone work, but they would need good developer support for it. Although Nokia tried that before and they failed miserably with the N-gage.<br /><br />Any high-end Android phone is capable of running cool-looking games, so I don't really see why someone would need a dedicated device for it.
  • Exactly Dickster! I thought about what potential gamer would really take to android gaming when they could use their high-end phone  :musik02:<br /><br />And there's actually a 3rd & direct contender to Ouya.  :eek:<br />The GameStick<br />USB flash stick & controller. Seems simpler than Ouya but likely not as freely programmable. Costs about $79 compared to Ouya's higher fee & they too are backed by KickStarter supporters.<br />http://kotaku.com/gamestick/
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