We're back!

Segaforums moved to a different server. If you experience any problems or weirdness, let me know in this thread yo!<br /><br /> :groovin:


  • Also, the weird glitch on the portal is now....<br /><br />FIXED!
  • I was wondering what happened to the site oO
  • Do you notice any difference in speed?<br />
  • I saw yesterday that the site was back up. But it was really really slow and I couldn't get logged in, it just kept saying connecting to segaforums.  I could see that it was back up though.  When I got home tonight there was the same problem.  Then I tried this old laptop and for some reason the site loads and works perfectly on it.<br /><br />Can anyone think of a reason why? I can surf all other sites just fine on my desktop, accept for segaforums. Any ideas?<br /><br />Also I have to log in twice before I can post/reply.  <br /><br />Glad to see the site is back up and running though :)
  • Try doing a hard refresh of the page by pressing SHIFT + F5 or CTRL + F5.<br /><br />If that doesn't work it should be fixed by deleting your temporarily files and cookies and restarting your browser. Those old files still point to their old locations that aren't there any more which causes your computer to be confused. <br /><br />
  • I tried those things and it's still the same issue.  It's weird as it has no problem surfing any other site I try, and like I said my lap top works fine.  I wonder if it's something to do with the version of browser i'm using (I tried with both IE and Firefox).  Or perhaps my anti-virus software?<br /><br />It has me confused, usually I can figure these things out, but this is strange.
  • Install this app, and run it. <br /><br />http://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/<br /><br />It removes all temp files and junk files. That should do the trick.
  • I'll give it a go Dick, cheers.<br /><br />
  • That doesn't seem to have worked either ;(.  Although I didn't do the full clean, just my IE and Firefox.  I'll try a full clean later.<br /><br />If this doesn't work I'm not sure what to do. It's weird, the home page actually loads after 4/5 minutes but the egg timer is still spinning on screen.  If I try to navigate to a thread it takes another 4/5 minutes to load it.  However if I try to sign in the egg timer appears and saying it's connecting to segaforums, but even after about 10 minutes nothing has changed on screen. My browser/PC must be confused like you say, but how else do I fix it if the full clean doesn't work?<br /><br />I'm somewhat baffled because it's only me that's had this problem lol.
  • That is very weird. <br /><br />What browser do you use? It works fine for me in all browsers and on different pc's.
  • I havn't been having any problems with it. Does it do that on all sites or just this one?
  • I use Internet Explorer and Firefox, mostly Firefox.<br /><br />It just does it with this site kosmos, at least this is the only one I know of.  The only thing I can think is that the problem is something like Dick described, with the PC being confused.  I remember last Saturday and Sunday trying to visit the site (when it was down) and that message appeared saying there was some problem. And since it has been back online this problem has been happening with only my desk top PC.  Any other computer I try is fine.  It's odd. 
  • Hmm... Have you really deleted all temporary files and cookies? It really sounds like your browser is looking for some files on their old locations.<br /><br />
  • As we speak, the site is about to move to a different server again. This time it's internal in the new hosting place. Segaforums.com is visiting a lot of different hard drives lately.
  • Move is done.
  • Yeah as far as I know all cookies etc have been deleted.  I agree I think it's looking for missing files or there is some kind of bottleneck.  I can't think of a solution accept to use that cleaner software to sweep everything rather than just the browsers.<br /><br />Is there a way to reset the internet options to factory settings? I'll try deleting everything again and see if it helps, I'll make sure all options are tickded. <br /><br />
  • There's one more thing you can try. I assume you're running Windows. <br /><br />Do this:<br /><br />Windows key + R<br /><br />Type CMD<br /><br />Press Enter<br /><br />You'll get into the command prompt.<br /><br />Type ipconfig /flushdns<br /><br />Press Enter<br /><br />Exit command prompt<br /><br /><br />That might do the trick. It empties the DNS cache, which is a list of previous contacted domain name servers. There's nothing that can go wrong doing this, don't be afraid of the scary looking command prompt :P
  • Ok i'll give it a go a little later when I turn on my desk top.  Cheers Dick. 
  • I used the command prompt to flush the DNS cache, but it's still doing the same thing.  It's really weird.  I'll just keep trying to think of a solution.<br /><br />
  • Well I'm out of ideas now, lol.
  • Have you tried another browser? I've never had a problem with loading the site myself, and I've almost always used Chrome on my visits.
  • Yeah I've tried both IE and Firefox, both have the same issue.  Still not resolved unfortunately.  I tried 3/4 times to access the site while it was down, and got the error message. Then when the site went back up my PC has had trouble loading it.  I was thinking it might be some kind of bottleneck with routing the data packets, but I use the same router for my laptop too and it works fine.<br /><br />
  • Here's another one that might do something. But it's a long shot. <br /><br />Windows key + R<br /><br />Type CMD<br /><br />Press Enter<br /><br />You'll get into the command prompt.<br /><br />Type ipconfig /renew<br /><br />Press Enter<br /><br />Wait a couple of minutes<br /><br />Exit command prompt
  • I'll give it a go when I switch on my PC, cheers Dick.<br /><br />
  • Unfortunately it didn't work :ohdear:<br /><br />I hate computers.<br /><br />I'm going to check my firewall when I get the chance, make sure it hasn't changed settings or something.  Fingers crossed.<br />
  • Maybe its been activated by Skynet. Careful, it might mistake you're attempts to fix it as you trying to kill it...
  • If Skynet was real it would at least unite humanity for a change  :)
  • Now there's a thought. Skynet:Bringing people closer by being terrifying and oppressive since 1996.
  • Google Drive was released today. I guess Google is some sort of Skynet, lol.
  • lol We joke about Skynet but I'm somewhat wary of it. It just seems like something our overly eager scientist would create without thinking of the consequences should we ever get a hold of that kind of technology. <br /><br />Also, I'm assuming Google Drive is like their answer to Windows SkyDrive?
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