Be prepared to see these soon around the web

Once I finally straightened things out with our friend Reporter dude, the Google ad-campaign will start. <br /><br />See screenshot for what it's going to look like. Suggestions and improvements are always welcome.


  • Not sure yet about the 1st and 2nd lines, because there's the word "fan" twice in there.
  • You guys see what I'm dealing with here? It's not easy.
  • It should say "Hello there Sega fan - our dicks are bigger than yours!" lol No I'm kidding but if using fan in the same sentence bothers you that much why not swap it for a similar word, like say "enthusiast" just as an example.
  • Google Ads can get expensive. Not sure if it's worth doing it by click or by impressions.<br /><br />(PS: Yes, I am still alive)
  • Hey, man. Nice to see you again.<br /><br />I'm planning on putting a cap at $100. Let's see what happens.
  • shit sonic is back. Where'd Baron and the others wander off too?
  • I still see Baron on Facebook pretty often.
  • Shit and you ain't got me on facebook? Damn! also what's up with Goblin?
  • I do now, and as far as I know Goblin is still in Canada.
  • Fuckin on here early in the mornin, just like me. Were you been you porchmonkey?
  • Just keeping up with the same old. Work/school/jerking it. I miss this place. I still visit every now and again but had forgotten my login until now lol.
  • How did you manage to forget your password? I've never forgotten mine.
  • We also have a fancy password recovery function! ;)<br /><br />I'm glad to see you back here, man.
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