22/12/2011<br /><br /><br />Hey all. <br /><br />As you all know. This forum will get a big re-boot, and the work & planning is in progress. We will get a lot of new members soon when I'm going to get to the final stage with this. I'm serious about this stuff and I'm positive this place will get big again. We've got the potential to do that, that's one thing for sure. <br /><br /><br />The thing is, this place is going to change. It's going to get busy again.<br /><br /><br />To all of my friends here<br />I want to create a special group for the hard-core loyalists here. You know who you are, and I know who you are.<br /><br />I know you're the true fans of this site because you were around here keeping the conversation going while not much people were around, including myself. <br /><br />"Oh here he goes again with his busy life and all that bullshit" <br /><br />Yea, I know, and I'm sorry. But I'll make it up to you. <br /><br /><br />All of the people I'm talking about here post here one message, so I can easily list your names to add to the group. If you even remotely feel like you're a part of the group, go for it! <br /><br />The message can be anything you want. Friendly, hateful, funny, sad, whatever. Make it count because you got one shot and it'll get a special place in Segaforums history.<br /><br />This will be your Hollywood star at as a true fan of the site. I will close this thread eventually after I feel everyone who deserves to be in here has entered.<br /><br />It will be a sticky on top of this site forever, no matter how big this site gets. <br /><br /><br /><br />Just post ONE MESSAGE. Please honor this. <br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Thanks for sticking around my friends. :)<br /><br /><br />Dick<br /><br /><br />Edit: Alright, keep em comin'!


  • Long time ago in an internet far away there was a young man who was diagnosed with a case of Sega-itis. As time passed his condition worsened. It's now a highly infectious terminal condition, and by reading this post you've been infected. Thank me later. ;)<br /><br /><br />[size=12pt]Sega-itis[/size]<br />A meta-physical condition affecting the frontal lobes and exhibiting a noticeable effect upon the psyche. Persons infected often find themselves wondering; if a car would go faster if painted blue, do all white appliances think of ways to beat them, when did they purchase the red shoes, and why the world did not end in 199X. While no cure exists for Sega-itis there are recommended treatments to stabilize the condition.<br />Suggested Treatments: Playing Sega games. Collecting Sega stuff. Frequent participation in gaming related discussions on SegaForums.
  • Well I'd like to think that back in 2003 when I joined the official sega boards this began, but then I was banned from that forums by 2006. I found this place in early 2007, and liked it for the close knit feel it had, and of course because me and kosmos scared every new person off.
  • Well well well, here we still are and it's just about 2012.  It was a long time ago that Dick encouraged me to leave CKYForums and join his brand spanking new "SEGAForums".  Instead of all the idiots and flame wars over at the old forum, we were able to start fresh and come up with our own set of rules for the internet and most of all we got to focus on not only sega related topics but also all other facets of pop culture!  I know i haven't been actively posting as of late, but I am on the site everyday reading all your posts guys.  Let's keep this place going strong and hey I still wanna get a SF gathering going so we can all get shitfaced or something.
  • I actually found this place completely by accident. I was originally looking around trying to find out what my original printing of Sonic The Hedgehog #50 would have been worth when I stumbled across this site. I joined late in the very first year this site was on-line and I've been here ever since which is the longest I've ever been loyal to one specific forum. I've seen all kinds of crazy users come and go and have taken part in some of the wildest threads ever posted on the internet. And after all these years this site is still up and running. God bless Segaforums and God bless you for coming up with it Dick. I'll keep coming back till its dead, but if I can help it it never will.
  • I haven't posted here as much as I should, but I've known about this site since I met Dick back around 2002 or 2003 back at the official Sega forums. I remember the arcade and trying my hardest trying to get a high score, but I would get outclassed a few days later, haha. Anyway, I've met a lot of cool people, along with a few trolls, and I really want this place to thrive so I'm willing to do my part. Whatever that would be. Fuck yeah Segaforums.
  • Was this forum always this dead?
  • As the massive log of topics and posts on the forums show evident, this place use to be very much active. I can remember it being quite well busy back in my college days (2004-2005).<br /><br />But for the record, even the larger gaming site communities have been experiencing shrinkage. GameFAQs has fewer active forum members than I've ever witnessed. The forums have dwindled in active members. Even some of the small private forums have effectively lost active members. Not at all sure what to attribute this loss of active communication too in the overall. Some sites, such as here and I can understand because, at least in the English speaking world, Sega has become rather distant from it's fans and not made much of an effort to keep their fan/customer base happy.<br /><br />As for the reasoning that other forum sites have been consistantly loosing active members over the past few years, that remains a mystery. THough for the sake of conversation, I'll fare a guess that people in general have become to lazy to even use keyboard.
  • As for the reasoning that other forum sites have been consistantly loosing active members over the past few years, that remains a mystery. THough for the sake of conversation, I'll fare a guess that people in general have become to lazy to even use keyboard.
    <br /><br />i guess gaming just isn't as popular anymore, so not as many people want to talk about it. not really into videogames anymore myself...<br /><br /> lol whoops i didn't know we were supposed to post just one message
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