NHL 98 NTSC on PAL Mega Drive

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Hi,<br /><br />I recently bought a Mega Drive and lots of games from eBay for it. But this is the only game I'm having problems with. I know this has a regional lock-out, but I also have the Game Genie and I have tried the universal bypass code with it (EAAT-AL1T). The result is the same with or without Game Genie, black screen that gets a bit darker after a while. Shouldn't it at least give me the message about its supposed to be played with genesis system? On an emulator it does that if ran in european mode. Broken cart maybe? Thanks in advance!


  • Very hard to say, that was one of the very last Genesis games released in the U.S.A., so it may have a revised region lockout... or maybe the contacts are just dirty.
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