Got a sega Genisis.

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Hey guys this is my first sega console. I got it at a store for $15 and games are 25 cents each. Good find? Btw the joystick top is off will it affect anything?


  • Great! There are plenty of good games on there. The classic Sonic games are great. Disney has a lot of good games too. We have a couple of enthusiasts here who could give you some good advice on games.
  • Yeah man, great find! Several hundred games were released for the system. At 25 cents each just buy a bunch and see what you like, can't go wrong at that price.
  • I wonder how long it will take before these systems start to become rare and worth money.
  • Hopefully not to long. I have actually have two of them, a model 1 and 3, both of them in perfect working condition and an ass-ton of games for it, all of which still work too.
  • 1 got 2 version 1 ones, and one of them is broken. I kinda wonder why I bother having them, because I can play roms through my computer on the big screen with even better sound/graphics quality and with better controllers. But still, I can't bring myself to get rid of it.
  • ok my controller that came with it is broken (cant go left). Its the control stick, not the defualt. Is there a way i can fix this, i cant get a new controller because no where sells em near me
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