Shenmue 3

There is a big Shenmue 3 campaign on facebook and twitter which each and every one of you MUST support! Our target is to get 500,000 members for our facebook group, and the same amount of followers on twitter.<br /><br /><br /><br />!/Shenmue500K<br /><br />Join us, and we will convince SEGA to take us seriously! Oh, and like this video on youtube to show your support: /><br /> Sorry if this is considered advertising, but we really need your support. Anyway, it's not like I'm a new member here... 


  • I've yet to see a game get made because of a petition.
  • The Facebook group now has 15,000 members, and it's still going strong after over a year. We won't stop until we have 500,000 members, then SEGA will have to take us seriously.
  • Yeah I hope it'll happen too, but petitions really never work. <br /><br />A big company like Rockstar games should buy the licence and make the game. They did a fantastic job with Max Payne 3. Their engine and expertise on open world games would be a golden combination.
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