Man in Netherlands is building...

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One of Dick's neighbors is building a working replica of... Noah's Ark.<br /><br /><br />And it seems you fellows in England will potentially have the chance to see it.


  • Bit of a waste of trees isn't it? I mean for it to be an actual replica (is that even possible given<br />the descriptions we have?) it would have to be enormous.
  • It is enormous. <br /><br />There is debatable controversey amongst theological, historical, and ecological circles as to what exact type of tree "Gopher Wood" was timbered from. In all fairness, "gopher wood" could be an extinct species of tree for all anyone knows. Wood from various geographical locations in the middle east that has been claimed to be parts of Noah's Ark has always eventually been seized by the various Islamic groups controlling those regions of origin and then destroyed, save for that which remains on the mountain which has historically, through oral tradition, been called Mount Ararat. There use to be a either a Catholic or Greek Orthadox monistary on the mountain which was said to have been built by the monk's using only the timber from the remains of a destroyed ship they discovered on the mountain. But the monks were either killed or forced to leave some hundred or so years ago when the muslims began usurping control of Turkey. And since then, those who've dared to go to the mountain have done so at risk of their own life as the controlling government has maintained a military enforced blockade of the entire mountain for almost a hundred years now. It's a "trespassers will be shot on site, no questions asked" sort of place that no one is ever allowed to go to. If the Ark is really there then that would conflict with muslim religion. But the fact they keep the place so insanely secured rather implies that it is there, and it has them rather terrified of letting the genie out of the bottle..
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