Spring Yard Zone STH 1

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I've played this on the Genesis (never got past 4-2) and the GBA remake (got through all levels). and I'm sure what I'm about to ask has been ask before. In Spring Yard Zone, in certain areas of the acts, I see "CPU" and "COPE" in flashing lights, as well as one place where it said "UP". Was there some secret meaning behind that?  I figured "UP" was obvious since you can jump to a higher platform.


  • I've never actually seen those panels in the level although I've heard all sorts of rumors about them. I think they may have been present in the beta version of the game along with the infamous "HOPE" sign.
  • Here's a screenshot from the start of 3-1. I can't remember where I saw CPU at...
  • Ah. COPE not HOPE. Apparently COPE was the name of the digitizing tool Sonic Team used to make this game.  UP, ON, and CPU I don't know.
  • With CPU appearing in a few places, you think the GBA remake would have worked a lot FASTER than the Genesis version... shows how much Nintendo cares about the old Sega games...
  • Is it really slower than the Genesis version? The GBA was a pretty nifty little handheld that could handle Mode 7 effects, if thats true than Nintendo made terrible use of its capabilities.
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