Hello & Help with MD Game

Hi everyone,<br /><br />I had a very cursory search for an 'Introductions' kinda post etc but couldn't find one, so I thought I'd do it here while I asked for help.<br /><br />I'm from Oz and grew up with MS & MD. Still have a both consoles and every day regret selling my DC when Sega stopped making games for it. I remember how much I (childishly) resented Sony & Microsoft, so much so that I went out and brought an N64 which is something I'd have never done in the 90s (go over to Nintendo) but anyway, on to my question!<br /><br />If anyone can help me with 'Pirates of Darkwater' on Megadrive, that would be superb. I've never been able to find the damn broken sword in the water-level when I was a kid, and so I still haven't clocked the game. I had a look around the net and found no help there in walkthroughs etc. I've tried finding the sword on a ROM version & on my console since 'growing up' as it were, thinking I'd be able to get it, but no joy. Anyone able to help out?<br /><br />Looking forward to some great chats with you guys!<br /><br />dreadpirateroberts


  • I sincerely hope your a real person because I fuckin love that you picked the most badass pirate in all of history to be your username.
  • Hey kosmos! Shit yeah, I'm real! Hahaha! Wow, I never new I sounded like a spam-bot when being polite! Disturbing.<br /><br />Easily one of the best films ever made, huh? And that quote from Inigo....
  • Eh... I wouldn't call it that.<br /><br />Sorry for the suspicion, we just get an awful lot of clever spam bots here.<br /><br />And to answer your question, I have no idea, I never played it. But please stick around. Post more.
  • Hey, no sweat, I understand, they're quite sneaky<br /><br />Thanks, will keep hoping! <br /><br />And I'll definitely have a quick look around some of the posts now
  • Well most everybody is just currently posting in the Bullshit Thread. These might get ignored by most of the other users who don't know your not a bot like I do.
  • Awesomeness. A pleasure to make you acquaintance dreadpirateroberts. Unfortunately I do not own, nor have ever played this game.
  • Cool, thanks, kosmos, I'll drop by the Bullshit Thread and check it out, add some of my own!<br /><br />Hi Tweeg! And you! Thanks for checking on the game, I'll keep hoping ;)
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