The Land of Ayurveda

It is a well known fact that Ayurveda has a history that dates back to more than 5000 years. The land of Vedas, India, gave birth to this `veda' too. Among the four major Vedas – Rigweda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvaveda, Ayurveda is connected with the last one, Atharvaveda, which talks about the principles of healing. It is upon these theories that Ayurveda is based. <br />`Ayur' means `life' in Sanskrit, and as the name indicates Ayurveda is the Veda of life and it provides you a glimpse into the methods and ways to ensure longevity. Many scholars and medical practitioners came all the way from Egypt and China during the ancient times and learnt this science of life. Hence, you can see the influence of Ayurveda in almost all alternative medicines across the globe, especially that of Asia. <br />During the ancient period itself, the fame of Ayurveda reached all parts of India, and especially in Kerala, which later become a nourishing ground for this alternative healthcare system. Here lived a lot of Ayurveda acharyas who contributed much to the field's growth and popularity. ayurveda kerala now  attracts a lot of visitors and Ayurveda has grown into become an industry on its own. Ayurveda Kerala offers treatments to almost every kind of known disease and the practitioners here are well-read and ready to take up challenges.
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