Fave DC memories..

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hi all. new here but have been thinking about my fave memories that the DC has given me over the years....not just the WOW moments...but just the ones that give me a warm feelin inside..ok heres my top 10 (off the top of my head)<br /><br />1. Shenmue - feeding that cat under the tree and thinking why am I 'looking for sailors' is dodgy bars!<br />2. F355 - BLITZING Suzuka short - oh and those beautiful sunsets<br />3. Sega Marine Fishing - NEVER EVER have i wanted to complete my aquarium SO much - how do you catch that metal cocolotoohthingy!!!! <br />4. Shadowman - Mike Leroy being such a cool dude, sex with nettie and late late late nights with serial killers<br />5. Quake 3 - my first experience in online gaming. OMG!<br />6. Seaman - only SEGA could make something this bizzare and completely fun<br />7. SFA3 - with an arcade stick...well I had my first cabinet in my front room<br />8. The first time i realised you could download save files onto your VMU (hoe else could I get all the faces in MvC2)<br />9. PSO - realising the true meaning of online teamplay when someone GAVE me a better weapon....for free....jut to help me level up...<br />10. MSR - driving round Trafalgar Square, at night, in a decent car...and not my crap Citroen


  • Hi. For your own safety I should inform you; there is a world outside you know. That bright piercing light you see when you open your windows? Thats the sun, its good for you and its been waiting for you. Theres more to the world than the few blocks you traverse just to pick up your digital meth. So put down that controller son, go outside take a deep breath of air and DO SOMETHING ELSE.
  • Our father. Who art in internet land. cometh be a twat. you do doth write. the mostest shite.....on earth..and in heaven...<br /><br />i did go out....although if I hadn't maybe i wouldn't have landed up with a mortgage and the schoolbills for my daugher...
  • Kosmos chill the fuck out.
  • I just made a general observation. I wanna know where he came up with his shit. I don't have a daughter. Or a mortgage.<br /><br />And if I chilled out it would make the boards kinda boring. You spoiled me Dick.
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