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  • Only post in here once please, to keep things clear. Have a good time on the forums! :)
  • not exactly new, but i might as well post here. im mr. goblin
  • not exactly new, but i might as well post here.
    <br /><br />I'm saturn
  • Hi I'm new, I'm Wgjjmbw, nice board you got here dick.
  • Hello All.... I'm Crooked... I think I might stay here for awhile.
  • Hi...err...I'm new and stuff...uhhh, Nice place...and stuff.... :lol:
  • Hi, i'm Dick the admin and i pwn j00
  • i are the darth!
  • I am Agent Spikey. All your base were belong to me, but somedoy stole them.<br /><br />Nice place here
  • hey, im ckyfreak22, the mod of the general section..... im a pretty cool guy.. just get to know me..hit me up on AIM, if you'd like :M:
  • hi, i'm amylover, and i like chesse :)
  • I'm sonic.....I joined before YOU! ^_^
  • I'm osiris, and i'm metal as f*ck. I'm bored so i registered.
  • :M: Osiris aka Morbid Pickle :M:
  • TEH PIKKL!!!1!1113@#!one@#!@ :M: :M: :M: :M:
  • hey im Bahamut, New to the site nice work youve got going cya around<br /><br /> :knuckles: <br /> :sonic: <br /> :tails: <br />the race is on!
  • Hey, I'm SEGA-Braz, Webmaster for SEGA EMPIRE which is getting hosted by thanks to the very kind Dick ;)
  • Welcome bahamut and SEGA-braz!
  • Cheers ;), these forums are cool.<br /><br />I'm speeding around em of course :knuckles: :sonic: :tails: <br /><br />sorry just wanted to use them :P
  • Im CrazyLegs. Im from the site CM and im looking for an improved chat site.
  • Im CrazyLegs. Im from the site CM and im looking for an improved chat site.
    <br /> that site is pretty damn cool.
  • i'm joopies and i'm just crazy and lazy.
  • I founded CubeMasters since it's a gamecube group, a great guy called Gohanss5 made the site ;)<br /><br />Although things are getting bad with members falling out and everything and a couple of days ago I gave my admin powers up cause I got fed up of two little f*g members accusing me of stuff I didn't do, so I thought f*ck it and gave my powers up.<br /><br />I feel like I have to stay there or I'll be letting Gohanss5 down=(, but I feel like I'm holding onto something that aint worth it anymore and feel like I should move onto new things.<br /><br />ARGH!!, my head :'(
  • hi newbies, <br />im ryo hazuki your elder god & i am out to avenge my fathers death<br />if you happen to see lan-di around let me know :lu: :biggrin:
  • Hola. I just found this place. I've been a Sega fan for a long time now. I hope my experience here rocks as much as Sega's games do.
  • Welcome to SegaForums studioalex
  • Welcome :amy: :amy: :amy: :amy: :amy: :amy: :amy:
  • wilcommen new people
  • im sega saturn x i cant rgister at the (offical)sega site but this ones nicer(less jerks)<br /> :chao: :chao: :chao: :chao: dance i say dance ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!
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