AV Cable Pins

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How many pins are on the AV cable (RCA type) for the Genesis Model II/32x? <br /><br />The cable i have i only see 2 pins, and the connector cable (between the genesis and 32x) has 7<br /><br />Could this explain why some of my Genesis games (inserted into the 32x)  and Sega CD come out in black and white?<br /><br />I know that the 32x has some pass thru compabtibality issues, but i am also wondering if my cable is bad.<br />


  • Two seems correct. That's one positive data stream each for audio and video and then a shared common ground. I don't have one of those cables even remotely handy or I'd double check that to be certain. But, if it's working fine elsewse, meaning when used only with the Genesis (no 32X) then the B&W issue would have to be a result of attempting to play Genesis games through the 32X unit.
  • It can be very frustrating when we can play our games with the color and all other features and when this happens we have tocheck what is wrong which is what is happening here - checking on his connecting and checking on to see about the pins on the AV cable for his RCA type for the Gensis Model II/32x! It is very irritating when all of a sudden the games come out as black and white as the whole thrill of the game is lost!! 
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