Mortal Kombat

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Being that the Mortal Kombat is nearly identical for both the Genesis and Sega CD, which one do you prefer? <br />The Sega CD  version i think has one thing ahead of the Genesis version, no need to enter the blood code! (other that the sound improvement and slight graphic enhancement)


  • Graphics wise the games are the same. <br /><br />Sega CD version has: CD audio, Mortal Monday TV commercial, "The Immortals" MK soundtrack on disc.<br /><br />Hands down, the Sega CD version is the best version available.
  • Did Mortal Kombat II ever come out on the Sega CD?
  • There was a 32X version. I don't think there was a SegaCD one.
  • Sonic is correct, there was no Sega CD version. There was a Saturn version though.
  • Sub-Zero and Scorpion were the best characters :D
  • I have been told that they were filmed by the same actor, and just had thier colored changed during production of the game.
  • Probably did. There was a lot of look alike characters. Reptile, Chameleon, Smoke, Rain, Noob Saibot. They all looked exactly alike just different colors.
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