Same game across different systems

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Ok yall out there<br /><br />When a game that is across two or more systems, such as Mortal Kombat II, which is on the Genesis and the 32x,How do pick and choose which one to get? Are these two versions the exact same? or does the 32x version have anything better over the Genesis version? other games that i have seen, (cant remember the titles), that there is a Genesis and probably a Sega CD version.<br /><br />What i am wanting to do is to collect games, and have the best one on  hand, while collecting other games that didn't have another version on another system. I don't want to sound picky but i don't have money to spend like water, i want to buy only a game once. I wish i had the money to buy both, and try to see which on i like best.


  • Sega CD versions of games are superior to their cartridge counterparts. They tend to have cut/still scenes and sometimes even CD audio. <br /><br />32X Games are all about the graphics. Graphics on 32X versions are superior to their regular Genesis and regular Sega CD counterparts. The system was released at a very bad bad time for Sega and flopped entirely in the eyes of the public due to extremely high initial hardware defects. The first 200,000 units were recalled.
  • were they recalled due to a problem, or that they just didnt sell?
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