Sega CD Selling price?

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Well here is what I want to do if I find out that my Model I Genesis/Sega CD works or not (I'm still waiting on the AC Adapters to come in the mail)<br /><br />What I really want is the Model II Sega CD, since I already have a Model II Genesis/32x. What I have would work, but I think it just looks much better to have the matching Model series.<br /><br />So, if I put this Model I series up for sale on eBay, how much would be a good starting price to ask for? I don't want to ask too much, because I don't want to feel that I am cheating anyone of money, but I don't want to ask too low and miss out on a good price.<br /><br />Here is what I am going to include<br /><br />Genesis<br />Sega CD<br />Two 3-button Controllers<br />Aftermarket  A/V cable<br />32x adapter cable (the cable is for the Model II)<br />Patching audio cable (for the front jack on the Genesis to the mixing port on the Sega CD, for stereo sound)<br />Stereo cable (R/W) for the jacks on the Sega CD<br />Both of the AC Adaptors<br />Possibly a game (not sure what I want to include)<br /><br />Also, am I going overboard with including all this stuff? Some of it I have not gotten yet, I need to take a trip down to Radio Shack.  Or should I just include what I got “as is” and  let the buyer find what they need to make it work? I just want to help someone out there who might be dying to find a Sega CD with all the proper cables, instead of constant online hunting.<br />


  • I wouldn't go buying anything to include with this aside from the AC adaptor as obviously the Sega CD lot will be worth more if the Sega CD is in known working condition at the time of listing.<br /><br />As for the current going rates, check Ebay. Go to "Advanced Search" and choose to see "Completed Listings" to see what they've actually been ending at for the last thirty days.
  • I decided to sell what i got "as is", which was the Genesis, Sega CD, the A/V cable, and one power cord.<br />I got $30 for it. Not to bad i guess, but it cost $19 to ship it!
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