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Posting this message from a BlackBerry cellphone I bought today at a yard sale.


  • How much you pay for it?
  • Got it for $35 with charger, USB cable, and a 1GB Micro SD memory card.
  • Posting this message from an iPhone yoooooo
  • What model?
  • Well I feel inadequate. I still post from a computer.
  • on 1285519524:
    <br />What model?<br />
    <br />Its my shitty iphone 3g
  • Tweeg, what model do you have?
  • Curve 8230 I belive. It's an older model. I already got it upgraded to the most recent version of the BlackBeryy OS it is capable of handling, that being version 4.5. Was disgusted earlier though. I downloaded AIM for it, which AOL claims works with both Wi-Fi and data plan internet connections through the BlackBerry, but you have to login through dataplan mode to change the settings to allow for Wi-Fi mode. Guess who doesn't have a data plan?  :(
  • Yeah you need a data plan for everything else. Great phone for texting and scheduling otherwise.
  • I want Bb too! Omg could someone give me?
  • lol No
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