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Hello everyone<br /><br />I have been looking online for a complete parts list for the Genesis, Sega CD, and 32x. Not necessarily internal components, but the cords, and metal clips and Shields that came with it.<br /><br />I have been looking around at flea markets and secondhand stores, and well as online, and sometimes parts might be missing. I know i might sound OCD, but i want every part that came with it when it was like new.<br /><br />I want to find everything for the Model II series, but if you have info for the Model I i will take that as well.


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  • Oh lordy. Well, what you should look for then are pictures/scans of the original boxes and owner's manuals then. Between the two of those items you should have complete info on all the "trivial" accessories that have mostly been lost over time.<br /><br />I know the model 1 Genesis included:<br />- Console<br />- AC Adaptor<br />- R/F Cable<br />- One (three-button) controller<br />- Coax to Antenns adaptor for older TV's<br />- Owners manual<br />- Warranty card<br />- and seems like there was a foldout product poster.<br />And the variable for this was it was sold as a core system, but there were also Altered Beast and Sonic the Hedgehog system bundles, maybe others that I was to young to remember.<br /><br />The Sega CD's always came bundled with at least one game. Model I's were especially notorious for coming bundled with at least two game discs. Just do some research and you'll find numerous bundle configurations for each of the three domestically released Sega CD models, and the two officially liscensed Sega CD systems that JVC and Pioneer released.<br /><br />Sega CD model II's I only ever saw bundled with one game disc. And there were at least two bundles sold in that manner, Sewer Shark and Tomcat Alley. The Tomcat Alley bundle I think did more harm than good for system sales, lol! Seriously, the game was that unplayable. Sewer Shark, on the other hand, is quite good once you read the instructions and now what you're doing.<br /><br />JVC's X'Eye is a bit of an oddball as it did not include any games. What it did come with: <br />- Console<br />- AC Adaptor<br />- One (three button) controller <br />- RF Cable<br />- Stereo AV Cable<br />- Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia<br />- Karaoke CD+G sampler disc.<br />- Owner's Manual<br />- pretty sure there was also a warranty card<br /><br />Pioneer LaserActive, I don't know. Never owned one, never known anyone else who's owned one, and never even seen one in person. It is the holy grail of US released "Sega" (technically only officially liscensed) systems.
  • Well what i am looking for is mainly the proper metal plates and/or RF shielding. This Model I Sega CD  i found came with a Model I Genesis, and it has two plates attached to it (genesis) (i only thought there was one). The larger mouting plate, and smaller narrow plate that clipped onto the bottom vents of the Genesis. So...i was just wondering if there were any more plates/RF shields that i dont know about?
  • Oh yeah. For the model I Sega CD there's only that one steel mounting plate and the brass screw. For the Model II Sega CD there's also the steel mounting plate, brass screw, and a chasis extension with screw for the Sega CD itself so that a model I Genesis will fit onto it without hanging over.<br /><br />The 32X just has a two piece cardtridge slot RF shield.
  • They are 2 different metal plates for the model one! Not just one... Oh and the brass screw!<br /><br />Here are the 2 different plates next to each other.<br />ccsulqb2kkgrhqrjoe0du4s.jpg<br />Here is the small one cliped into the Model 1 Genesis Vent. With big plate sitting next to it.<br />ccsyew2kkgrhqriqe0ho53k.jpg<br />Here we have the big metal plate attached to the Model 1 Genesis with the small plate under it you can see thats its under it if you look thru the 1st set of holes from the left. <br />ccs2pqmkkgrhqrhie0fgv1u.jpg<br /><br />So segadreamer you were right the first time. Tweeg your wrong buddy. <br />
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