Happy 11th Birthday Dreamcast! 9/9/99 - 9/9/2010

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Today is the eleventh anniversary of the release of the Sega Dreamcast in the U.S.A. and Canada. Happy Birthday! ^_^<br /><br />And here's a gift to the community:<br />http://www.segaforums.com/psoarchive/dc/<br /><br /><br /> :banana:<br />11th.PNG


  • how exciting! that's muy suave of you to share! muchos gracias!<br /><br />...and now just gotta figure out how to make these goodies work, lol!<br /><br />3904923529_d61e79a423.jpg
  • To bad I don't have a PC even capable of playing those games if I did get it to work.
  • Last year's birthday was cooler since it was straight up 09-09-09.<br /><br />Time to play crazy taxi.
  • IT'S TIME TO MAKE SOME CRAAAAZEEY MONEY. ARE YA READY, HERE-WE-GO.<br /><br /><br />(The Offspring) Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya...!!!!
  • Mmmmm, cake
  • on 1284080474:
    <br />IT'S TIME TO MAKE SOME CRAAAAZEEY MONEY. ARE YA READY, HERE-WE-GO.<br /><br /><br />(The Offspring) Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya...!!!!<br />
  • Funny thing is I beat my old high score, and I haven't played the game in forever.
  • lil fun read if you like reading, lol<br /><br />Today marks not only the fifteenth anniversary of the launch of Sony's PlayStation but the eleventh anniversary of Sega's Dreamcast.<br />http://www.1up.com/news/day-history-sega-dreamcast-launches<br /><br />oh, be sure to click on the article's links for info on DC ports to 360/PS3 and some fun gallery of a DC event.
  • Do we have to mark every year as an anniversary to a console which died a little over 2 years after it's american launch? I love my dreamcast and everything, but making a cake? Come on... Perhaps we celebrate it's next anniversary at 15. Seriously 10 was cool, 11 is meh.
  • This is SegaForums! Of course we must celebrate special Sega occassions.<br /><br />That cake is amazing! Did you make it yourself diamond, or did that Duncan Hines fellow lend support?<br />
  • Hell by that logic we should have celebrated the Lynx's death as well.
  • We damn well could.
  • Maybe we should, it died because Game Gear was more popular. Death of Lynx victory of Sega rememberance day?
  • ^ is that really true¿ I just thought the freakishly popular GameBoy killed all competition regardless of its archaic green tinted monotone screen.
  • Gameboy killed all competition.
  • Ultimately yes but, as far as the original war of superiority over the color handheld market went, GameGear stomped out the Atari Lynx and the NEC Turbo Grafx Express.
  • Indeed, but battery life was awful.
  • Car adapter FTW
  • Still I was poor in the 90s. No gameboy :(
  • Same. I didn't own a Gameboy until the Gameboy Color rolled around.
  • I had the original gameboy. A green one. I loved it to death as a kid but every time I saw the Game Gear I thought it looked way cooler.
  • Last Gameboy I had was the Pocket (the first slim version). Took two AAA batteries instead of the four AAs, and it lasted slightly longer.
  • on 1284866620:
    <br />Same. I didn't own a Gameboy until the Gameboy Color rolled around.<br />
    <br />Same for me.
  • Was your first game for it Pokemon as well?
  • I never liked Pokemon. <br /><br />My first game was Tetris and after that I bought Donkey Kong.
  • Tetris is the Ultimate Game Boy Game
  • on 1285095573:
    <br />Was your first game for it Pokemon as well?<br />
    <br /><br />Yes.
  • Haha, awesome. I still have a soft spot for those games.
  • on 1285116025:
    <br />Tetris is the Ultimate Game Boy Game<br />
    <br /><br />I still play that game! ...had it in my GameBoy  :yep:
  • happy late birthday dreamcast
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