Why was it locked?

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Why was the Phantasy Star Online thread locked?


  • I didn't do it! :O Maybe some automatic feature on the forum or something... because let's be honest, it's getting epicly huge.<br /><br />It's open again, don't worry :D
  • Dick, it's locked again lol. Would you be so kind as to open it again please  :) ?<br /><br />
  • Maybe we should just a new discussion thread if it keeps locking itself like that.
  • Maybe kosmos, i'll check back tomorrow to see if Dick was able to unlock it.<br /><br />If not then i'll start a new one, keep it going where the main one left off.<br />Be a shame to lose it though, it has reached 91 pages :D
  • If you make a new one how about titling the thread something other than PSO? Something abstractly closer to what the topicality of the current thread has turned into, like Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious 80's Awesomeness! or something. Just a suggestion.
  • Wasn't me. I've seen threads on other message forums reach a max number of posts. Someone would just start the same thread but part 2.
  • Thats probably what happened here.
  • Or you know, instead of creating another stupidly large thread for no reason, you can make different threads that discuss all these things so as to not make this site look as dead as it is, with all the conversation going into one thread. Seems kind of stupid to me.
  • Yeah I agree i created the random bullshit thread for a reason.<br />This thread is great and all but from now on stick to topic: PSO<br />Continue the bullshit over at the random bullshit thread located here...<br />http://www.segaforums.com/index.php?topic=5753.120
  • Nazi's.
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