Finally extracted the files from my DC Dev Kit's HDD.

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Lady, gentlemen, aliens, and lurkers of indeterminate species and genders,<br /><br />After a very patient amount of time on my part, during which I've kept an eye open for something to hook-up my Dev Box to my PC with. I finally found the Holy Grail of SCSI adapters, a USB to SCSI 50-Pin adapter. And it was brand new factory sealed too! Only problem, blasted thing was defective. No PC in my house would even detect the stupid adapter. This was the final straw. Monday afternoon I removed the 50-Pin SCSI HDD from the Sega Dreamcast Developer Kit (aka Dev Kit) and placed it into an anti-static bag. The objective, to haul it to work with me and utilize SCSI equipment we have their to determine if there is any data still on this HDD. And if so, to copy it onto a USB thumb drive.<br /><br />I had no idea if it was going to work out though. Had a good clue that the data would be in either a FAT16 or FAT32 partition seeing as the Dev Box had been designed for use as part of a Windows 98 SE setup. And the HDD is only a 4GB HDD, so there too meaning those would be the most likely used formatting on the drive. Even if the HDD did show up as blank we've got some insane recovery software at our disposal at work that can restore a drive to a pre-erase state, though the data integrity is not always 100% when that's done. <br /><br />This would at least shed light onto file names, which I hoped would lead to the discovery of which developer actually had originally possession of my unit. The seller I bought it from was merely a middle-man selling it on behalf of someone else who had implied to him Akklaim. But, a CD-R disc that was mixed in with some blank GD-ROM's included with the unit, which may have been unrelated, implied an entirely different developer, Eidos.<br /><br />Well today the mystery was solved. The HDD was, thankfully, not blank. Far from it! There was nearly two gigabytes of data on the drive. Picture overview of the file/folders retrieved:<br />dev_contents.JPG<br /><br />And so the mystery is at long last revealed. The dev unit originated from Eidos and contains not one, but two game betas thereupon, System Shock 2 and Thief 2! <br /><br />For those curious. Portal appears to be some manner of system reference tool. It's only twenty-something megabytes in total and from the looks of the files contained within the folder my guess is that it maybe some kind of text generation reference tool, as it contains several different font type files.


  • Thats neat shit you've done there. Are the betas playable?
  • I'd hope so. But I've got no way to test them at the moment. I don't have the link-up software that enables a PC to control the dev kit. And the dev kit needs to be reset as it doesn't seem to be working in its pesent state. Not getting a video signal, or rather the monitor keep ssaying the signal is out of range. Regardless though, I'm fairly certain I'd need the link-up software to tell the Dev Kit to load one of the betas from the HDD. The one website that actually had limited information on how to use a dev kit went offline a couple of years back and no one made a mirror of it apparently.<br />
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