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So I've gotten tired of my Netbook [circa 2008 Acer Aspire One] and I am on the market for a new one ... and I can't get my eye off the Asus Eee PC 1201N, here's why:<br /><br />12.1" [Upgrade from 8.9"]<br />1.6 Ghz Duel Core Atom [1.3Ghz Single Core]<br />NVIDIA Ion Graphics [None]<br />250GB HDD [16GB SDD]<br /><br />$489 [$350]<br /><br />Think it's worth it? I can't find a better spec'ed machine in this size & price...I carry my laptop around with me everywhere, which is why I've loved my little 9" Acer so much, but alas, it's time for some power on the go~


  • What's your budget? If you only use it for web browsing and other minor things then it should be fine. You could also get away with 720p youtube and hulu streaming.
  • Seems well spec'd to me. And the Asus EEE Netbook's get crazy long battery life.
  • Yeah, thats basically ill be doing, surfing and 720p playback at best [I mean, all it's got is a 720p resolution, and my TVs are all 720!]. $500 is my budget limit, I have a quad core PC at home for serious things like video editing. I just wanted a well spec'ed netbook to enjoy the net with
  • I actually looked at some netbooks once.  I just felt the screen was a bit too small for me.  I do too much on my laptop that requires a large screen.  One of the upsides of the netbooks though is I think their batteries last longer than regular laptop batteries so you can really take them on the go.  If all you do is surf and check email they are very economical.
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