R.I.P. Carl Macek 1951 - 2010

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<br /><br />Such a loss. Just spotted this sad news on another forum a little while ago. Apparently Carl Macek died of a heart attack this past Saturday (4/17). There's a nice tribute to him on this site with lots of comments posted by people he actually knew and worked with throughtout the years: <br />http://www.cartoonbrew.com/anime/carl-macek-1951-2010.html <br /><br />Also, Robotech.com has set up this memorial page as well as having their own tribute article to him on their site's main homepage, which also features comments from yet more people he worked with over the years: <br />http://www.carlmacek.com/ <br /><br />He did so much for the American anime scene, many unforseen contributions most, including myself, would never know about until reading that first tribute article, such as his involvement in localising Naruto and Bleach. Hard to say if anime would have ever caught on like it has done were it not for his often unseen role in anime production. I can't say for certain that I would have ever developed such an interest in anime had it not been for seeing Robotech as a young child. <br /><br />Anime News Network conducted a really good, nearly two hour long, interview with Carl Macek just this past January as part of a monthly "podcast" program they do. Worth downloading if his work interests you in the least, quite fantatic to hear about the early days of the American anime scene as well as other ventures he was involved in:<br />http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/anncast/2010-01-14 <br /><br />[size=14pt]Rest in peace Carl Macek.[/size] <br /><br />vf-1j.jpg<br />robotech1.jpg<br />
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  • Didn't know he helped bring the Shonen Jump anime to the states.<br /><br />Would say he had a pretty decent career.
  • RIP Carl Marec.  :ohdear:
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