Dreamcast Test Drive Le Mans " Time Attack Challenge "

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Hi folks !<br /><br />I'm glad to present you a new site that i created dedicated especially to the Dreamcast game " Test Drive Le Mans " the concept propose you a time attack challenge against other players over the world and in the future we will maybe organize some Le Mans Challenge of 6,12 and 24 Hours. So if you love this game and are interseted about this challenge, join us at http://dreamcastlemans.weebly.com/<br /><br />Hope to see you there ^^:


  • Now that^ is actually pretty cool. To bad I don't have that game (or a Dreamcast) or else Id join it.
  • How many players are participating?
  • on 1270349017:
    <br />How many players are participating?<br />
    <br /><br />Hi Dick,<br /><br />The site is very new so we don't have a lot of players. But here you'll find the Player's who have already register http://dreamcastlemans.weebly.com/drivers-list.html<br /><br />Actually the most of them do not have post their times yet, but it will comes soon. If you have any other question you're welcome.
  • Hey the site looks like it's down maybe you should fix that...<br /><br />Last I remember Le Mans and King of Fighters weer some of the last Dreamcast Games I needed to look in to..<br /><br />
  • Hey, your post is a few months late. Maybe you should fix that.
  • on 1281341931:
    <br />Hey the site looks like it's down maybe you should fix that...
    <br /><br />The site is totally functional  :yes:
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