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anyone knows what was the story about the "Dreamcast 2? Sega's Future Plans Revealed!" article was actually about?<br /><br />Picture_1444.jpg


  • Wuh? I don't recall that article. <runs to bookcase><br /><br /><returns><br />Let's see... Oh, "Forbidden Games of Japan" on page 22, that was a pulitzer quality article there, but not the one your inquiring aout.<br /><br />Okay, that's why I didn't remember this. It's not an article concerning a "Dreamcast 2" it's an article discussing Sega's, at that time, in the works plans for future Dreamcast hardware and, get this, hardware licensing. Man, this falls totally in line with the article on DCM from last month:<br />http://www.segaforums.com/dreamcastmagic/index.php?mact=News,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=39&cntnt01returnid=15<br /><br />Essentially the ODCM article discusses the fact that Sega and it's hardware partners had already managed to reduce the core DC hardware down to a mere three chips and were already working on scaling it down to two chips. Also eluded to, but not directly said, was that new firmware on the chips would accomodate additional resolution scales. Which is a fancy way of saying it would've supported native widescreen. They actually discuss "scalable compatibility". A rather loaded article with a bit of technical talk.<br /><br />Essentially thier goal was to license the DC hardware chips to DVD player manufacturers so as to have DC become an embedded platform. It would have been awesome if they'd stuck with that goal. <glares menacingly at Peter Moore>
  • wow, that's quite incredible!<br />sega was really ambitious at such ventures.<br />i always thought the xbox resembled too much of the dc. the console & controller design look like a refined black dc with a slapped on xbox logo. well, thnx for the article/news. very insightful!
  • Xbox resembles the DC because Microsoft contracted Sega to help them create the thing.<br />- Four controller ports.<br />- Built-in netowrking capabilities.<br />- Dual memory card ports on the controllers.<br /><br />Crud, the even contracted Sega to design Xbox Live for them.
  • Tweeg, I can keep saying this, you rule, haha.
  • ^ i second that notion.<br /><br />it'd make a great history article to put together about micrsoft's reaping of sega's experience and design.<br />tweeg, seriously consider writing one.<br /><br />i now wonder if, at the time, sega wanted microsoft to consider merging their gaming interests into one sound corporation.<br />microsoft tends to have a huge history of buying viable companies who produce great features/assets that they have yet to grasp.
  • Anything you wanna know about tech talk Tweeg knows it. He even knows his comic books and I can dig that.
  • This article points out the similarities between the Dreamcast and xbox 360.<br />http://www.1up.com/do/feature?cId=3145154&did=1
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