Best DC Gun?

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I still have games like House of The Dead 2 and Confidential Mission, but never got a gun peripheral for it.<br />I've been looking into the guns, but not sure which one's good or not.<br />What do you say is good? Experiences?<br />Besides the two games mentioned ^ what other shooters are there for DC?<br /><br />180px-DreamcastLightGun.jpg<br />Dreamcast Gun, official gun by Sega<br />problem, never released in U.S. and am not sure if it'll work for a U.S. console & game.<br /><br />180px-StarFireLightBlasterDreamcastlightgun.jpg<br />StarFire LightBlaster by Interact<br />I've seen these everywhere (in the past), but read mixed reviews. Jump Pack plugged seems koo.<br /><br />Dream_Blaster.JPG<br />Dream Blaster by Madcatz<br />I read it's the official U.S. release, but not much to it.<br /><br />!BkiqEjQ!Wk~$%28KGrHqUOKkEEsnw02u7MBL%28-SGEOu!~~_12.JPG<br />*sigh* not sure what's this one from...


  • You can use non-american controllers on an american system. I have european controllers for my DC. Seeing as they were brand new...
  • Actually, the official Sega Japanese Light Gun is region locked within games themselves. It's the best gun, but mostly will only work with Japanese DC games. It is the only piece of Dreamcast hardware that is region locked. Neither of the other two guns are region locked. And of the other two the StarFire LightBlaster by Interact has always gotten the better reviews. Breakdown of compatibility below.<br /><br />US games that don't work with the official light gun: <br />Confidential Mision <br />Death Crimson OX<br />The House of the Dead 2 <br /><br />US game that does work with the official light gun: <br />Sega Smash Pack Vol.1 <br /><br />US game that has never been confirmed for compatibility:<br />Demolition Racer - No Exit
  • I have the official Sega one. It works great, but the only games I have for it are House of the Dead 1 and 2<br /><br />Great info there, Tweeg.
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