The iPad

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All I can say is<br /><br />LOL FAIL.<br /><br />Steve Jobs is a disgusting, arrogant prick. His whole presentation was a joke.


  • I reckon, the iPad is just a fatter version of the iPhone with more memory and a few extra apps.
  • Yeah possibly.
  • Nothing more than an e-Book reader
  • I thought a couple of my co-workers were discussing a feminine hygiene product yesterday when I happened in on what I thought had to be the most embarrassing conversation of the new year.
  • it'll have a rough start, especially in this economy.<br />maybe in 3-5 yrs when the quirks are run through and cost drops, it'll really take off.
  • By then it will be obsolete. Not that Apple people seem to mind using out-dated hardware all that much, but still.
  • it is a joke<br /><br />
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