who is teh greastest sonic character

<br /><br />Honestly pick me!!!


  • Your dumb.
  • Why do we attract these fur-fag sonic fans? I'll eventually run him off like I do the rest.
  • WTF<br /><br />That is all.
  • Feel the love.
  • I would say knuckles only because he has a huge emerald. Which I wish I had. *yawn* Now to look for actual noteworthy threads.
  • someone with a husky as an avatar and likes knuckles. $20 says he has taken the knot.
  • Ugh...
  • kosmos knows where it's at.
  • No, I don't know where its at, nor do I want to know where its at. Lets not discuss furry based fetishes on these boards.
  • I base my ideas on observations. This is a sega forum with a sonic character discussion where someone has a husky picture. It disturbs me.
  • lol its an artic fox.<br />And no im not a furry or have a furry fetish.<br />If it would make you happy I will change my avatar so you won't call me a furry lover.
  • I like foxes...
  • The fact that it was fox makes it worse. I use to hail foxes as one of my favorite animals but thanks to furries I've had to disassociate myself from that.
  • Yea. I used to know some ppl who are furries. I only shook my head... I just couldn't get ahold of how they enjoy that stuff. The only reason I had a fox was because of an old nickname... some of my friends used to say I was clever like a fox and always sleepy when i txted them so they called me the sleeping fox or sleeping kitsune depending on where they are from.
  • You're not japanese so this isn't helping your case when your friends nickname you in japanese.
  • Well, whatever. The two of you, definitely you Joey should know where I stand on this whole issue. Now I'm not fond of you bad-mouthing furs as I've got nothing against them but I agree that any furry related stuff does not belong on these forums. Therefore I think this conversation needs to cease. Now.
  • I know kosmos I will end it here.
  • Thank you. I've been very tired the last few days and I actually don't feel like arguing with anybody.
  • Wow. Just wow. I just lol'd pretty fucking hard.
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