Megadrive/Genesis returns

edited December 1969 in Classic Systems<br /><br />It's pretty old news but really cool news!


  • pretty cool, but i already got a brand new one :P
  • Yeah, I know, not even out of its box, you bitch.
  • hehe yeah. just imagine it was sitting on the shelf in some store for nearly 2 decades.
  • I nearly had one of these, they were being sold by K-mart in Australia, but before I could pick it up, the product was recalled. I had a look inside though, and it looked a little dodgy. Not awful, but cheap of course ('Sega' sticker was peeling etc) All the games in-built was cool, and it looked like it was going to be able to accept a cartridge, but I never got to test it.<br /><br />Did anyone here ever get one? I'm still interested in hunting one down as a back up system.<br /><br />
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