Can some body remember this game(2)

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well , i want to ask you people about a game which i had played, but cannot remember the name now , i will give you few hints that might be possible somebody remember this game .<br /><br />I had played that game about 10 years ago in a shop so cannot say whether its sega or some thing else , so i think somebody playing games for a long time can easily guess this.<br /><br />here is the description<br /><br />" There is a boy who can fire a circle like bullet and when it hits the enemy the enemy get stuck inside and go upwards , this is just the basic what i remember but here are the two/three most important thing that might be useful for you to get the idea<br /><br />1) in the middle of some rounds there are some bricks, mostly in tringle shape and there was a hear at the top of that bricks , when some body takes that heart a full screen picture of girl and boy come on screen who are kissing each other for few second ,we can also break brick with head ,<br />that might give you some idea about the game as i only see that happeing in only one game.<br /><br />2) at the end of each round we have a foot ball and we have to through that ball in a basket over a room at right to clear the state , while we are throughing the foot ball there is no enemy there and this is just as a symbol that round end here.<br /><br />3) i remember that in round forth or fitht there are huge buses coming and we have to jump over it , some time by climbing on the street light etc.<br /><br />Can you remember some game by this description , specially number 1 can give you a more clear idea.


  • Haha, I like the way this guy talks.
  • i think he's talking about ness from earthbound but this sounds nothing like earthbound more like some weird earthbound/mario hybrid. or smash brothers. then again he's not very clear of it.
  • Maybe he's remembering a mix of games from his past and incorrectly thinking it was one game??? Part of wht he describes also, sort of, sounds like Kid Chameleon. Would help if he could at least name what game system he thought he played this on.
  • yes me too never heard anything about this game .do u have screenshot of the game so it help us more to know about which game do u wanna tell us.
  • Hi everyone!<br /><br />Yeah, maybe Kid Chameleon? That's a tough one
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