Space Seige

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I would like to know if you are planing on patching up the game at all and if there is no-cd exe out on the internet?


  • Thank you for your concern, I'm head of marketing here at Sega. I'd like to send my regards for your problem. Please email me if you'd like my help. I can perhaps get a statement from the design team to see if your request it possible.
  • Well Dick, you know you've got the right look for the forums when newcomers think this is the official forum.
  • well i have looked over the internet and i found no infromation on space seige that can load without cd<br />
  • Ah, that really annoys me about the modern PC games. They shouldn't call it a "Full Installation" if you still have to have the disc in the drive in order to play it.
  • ya ture but full installtion means that you have all files installed need to play the game it has nothing to do with loading game up via need cd in drive
  • i am still a waiting a reply to know if sega will do an exe so that we can use it without having the cd in PLEASE GET BACK TO ME ASAP  8)
  • Haha, your dumb.
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