Game Gear 2?

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This ones a handheld system called Sega Game Gear 2 with flat design with plain colors like red, yellow, blue, and green. Somebody didn't make it yet.<br /><br />Kids Gear has a VF Animation skin debut in Japan with no plain colors, and Game Gear 2 with plain colors in U.S. unrealeased.<br /><br />Should need it one?


  • WTF are you insane?
  • So let me see if I've got this straight. What your suggesting is a re-release of the Game Gear made using current technology so that it could be made, how to put this, pocket size correct?<br /><br />It's not a bad idea save for the age of the original system. We're talking about a system that was great for its time, but its time ended almost thirteen years ago. Not to say I would buy one if by some miracle it was made, but it just wouldn't survive in today's market. Only people into retro systems and games like us would even be interested in such a system.
  • Yea... the PSP 3000 and the DS Lite would blow it out of the water before it could even be mentioned to be developed. A new game gear sounds nice yes. But I would just stick with my PSP.
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