Sega Dreamcast or Saturn

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should i get a sega dreamcast or a saturn because i want sonic jam on the saturn but i want at least 5 games on the dreamcast so which should i get


  • Welcome!<br /><br />Definitely Dreamcast. Much more and better games, and much better graphics and sound. Games are still good available for good prices. Saturn games are rare and expensive.
  • Possibly the dreamcast.. As it made ME famous..
  • Hahahaha!
  • You don't know how many people we've had who pretended to be the actual Sonic characters.
  • on 1263788516:
    <br />You don't know how many people we've had who pretended to be the actual Sonic characters.<br />
    <br /><br />I guess my gig is up.
  • kosmos will suffice.
  • Sega Dreamcast no question. Doesn't need an explanation. Also lol I won't be surprised if this becomes a Sonic rp forum, as sad as that sounds.
  • You know that might not actually be a bad idea.
  • rp? What's that? You mean roleplaying? That's a pretty funny idea, and with the members here, I'm sure we could create some pretty twisted shit. <br /><br />Hell, if I get your votes on this, I'll even open a new feckin forum for it.
  • I vote yes. Fuck yes.
  • This could be potentially funny with the influx of people who would be taking it seriously.
  • After some thinking I think this idea would be genius.
  • This has high entertainment potential. Votes yes!
  • i suggest getting both. you can have either one for $40 or so, so why not buy them both? i own each system and if i had to give one up it would have to be the Saturn. if you want many the better games you will have to import them from Japan. not to mention buy a ram cartridge to boot import games. the Saturn action replay 4m plus might cost you as much as the Saturn itself ;(  >:(
  • ^Shut up noob.
  • Aww come on kosmos... At least he didn't ask you if you thought Sonic and Shadow would make a great couple.
  • Good Lord, your right. kosmos will have to choke a bitch over that one.
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