How much are brand new Dreamcast controllers worth?

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I'm asking this because i can get them REALLY cheap right now.


  • A local game store, which still deals in retired systems and games, sells used controllers for $5. On Ebay it looks as if $5 - $6 is the asking price, but the exhorbonent shipping rates have basically ruined the odds of anyone bidding.
  • $5 sounds reasonable
  • I can get them at €2.50 a piece. Is it still possible to get brand new dreamcasts by the way?
  • my buddy gave me a new one in the box cuz he didn't know what it was for.<br />i dunno where he got it though. i wouldn't pay more than $5 for a new controller.<br />years ago, i bought a new gamepro dc controller for $0.99. it sux'd! extra buttons didn't do anything and the cursor pad wasn't good at responding. stay with official sega brand.
  • lol at 2 year old thread bump.<br /><br />I agree though. Origional Sega controllers are the best, by far.
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