Dick's Dvd/movie Trivia!

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I saw this game on another forum, and it seems fun!<br /><br />The rules: simply whoever answers the question right, gets to ask the next one, and so on and so fourth.<br /><br />The question is considered correct when the one who asked it aknowledged that it's correct. The next question may only be asked once this has happened.<br /><br />When the question is too hard, after given after a reasonable amount of time (id say a weeks enough at the most) the answer must be given.<br /><br />You can not give additional hints to the question you've posted.<br /><br />Strict movie questions. This does include soundtracks, but not sole soundtrack questions. DVD extras CAN be included, but providing theyre not too hard, thus if they are, answers must be given in a reasonable amount of time.<br /><br />Now, to get us going i'll start, it should be an easy enough question. Have fun all!<br /><br /><br />Question:<br />A loser guy turns into a hero when he puts a mask on. This movie made Jim Carrey famous and also: ...............?<br /><br />Name of the movie?<br />Name of the 2nd person?


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