Long-Lost Sega Commercial Is Almost TOO 90s

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This is just too awesome to just post in random thoughts threads. <br />It's freakin' Sega when they were at their prime!<br />:hyper: 8) :yep: :banana: \m/ :respect: :tooth: :blue_wink: :lol: :eek: :rofl: :up: :luv: :P :^_^: :groovin: :yes: :chill: :musik02: :^o^: :hyper:<br />http://youtu.be/XFIngV3rMpo<br />Read more here: http://kotaku.com/long-lost-sega-commercial-is-almost-too-90s-1677422099


  • WOW! Never saw that one before. Awesome find.<br /><br />Comparing the speed that Doom plays on the 32X to the speed at which it plays on a 486. My oh my how the times have changed.
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